How is Trans-creation different from Translation?

D ata Flexibility is the most crucial feature while approaching a mixed demographic crowd like the kind in India. When a firm plans to make a piece of news go viral, they reach their wide audience in varied native languages of the country. With grace, India cradles a plethora of languages as well as the individual eagerness to excel as a national or international linguist. Hence, translators and trans-creators form a major part of professional and corporate world in India.

Call them the two sides of a single coin, but translation and trans-creation are as different from each other as typing and copy writing are. Each in itself is a refined talent and neither needs belittling. Without much ado, let’s clarify the confusion caused by these two resonating words.

As the belief goes, content is everything. It is important to make sure your content is comprehensible and relevant to your target audience in the regional language.

Translation and Trans-creation take the fore frame at this. A translation is in simple words is the process of translating words or text from one language to another for accurate comprehension. There are stages of translation. At the very basic, in case of internal communications such as mails, notifications, blogs, you would need language translated into another for the sake of meaning and not word to word perfection.

Advanced translation is usually picked up by native language translators who deliver depth and perfection in content of materials such as press release, research reports and more. Ultra Translation makes content universally effective and is assigned to domain specialists. All kind of translation involves emotions and personal judgment at work.

Coming to Trans-creation, the goal of a trans-creator is to retain the impactful essence of a particular text so that it has the same reaction on source as well as target language audience. Tras-creation can be split into translation and re-creation. Here a few difference:

1. He/she in order to stay true to the new context and create impactful content is given liberty as a trans-creator to alter the original material to an extent.
2. These professional mostly belong to marketing or advertisement segment to be able Trans-create.
3. Cultural differences count: Language specific meanings and phrases change from region to region. In fact message conveyed in advertisement copies change even from US English to UK English.

It can’t be summed up to the task of copy writing, as a trans-creation is “Creative stylizing of original copy with local flavor”.

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