Responsive Website VS Non-Responsive Website

L ooking at your own website or any other client’s website through your Smartphone, everything seems to be placed perfectly. But is this really perfect??? This is where websites must be questioned that, whether it is responsive or unresponsive. 4 reasons to opt for responsive websites rather than an unresponsive one…
1) Responsive websites fit according to the layout (size) of the screen you are viewing through Time is changed, technologies are improved. It is not like old days where an individual is only capable of surfing the web through a PC. The modern world has multiple options of reaching the internet viz. smart phones, laptop, palmtop, etc. This makes your website accessible through multiple means of gateway. Just a splendid, basic designed website is not enough. It has to be responsive and best fit in every of the browsing gadget.
2) It looks more vibrant when browsed through any device. When a website is unresponsive it can be browsed on any of the gadgets but the page layout will be the same as the desktop browser. It will not be changed when you browse it on your phone. This reduces the quality of appearance of the overall website. So, to make it look vibrant and to give it a natural feel opt for a responsive one.
3) It cuts the cost. When the initial conventional website is created it is designed as "desktop version" and then later on according to our requirement, we ask the developer to create a "mobile version". This almost doubles the cost of our website. To avoid this responsive website is the best possible option.
4) User experience. We live in the world where people opt for comfort at any cost. Imagine browsing a website through your phone which is unresponsive and is a basic desktop design. This will make you scroll your phone screen from right to left and top to bottom. This reduces the users’ praiseful experience. To avoid this and to get our visitors turned into customers. We should make it a best user experience.