Story telling

Storytelling – An Elevated Craft for Modern Times

It is need of the hour. We look back into our scriptures, myths and minds to create ethereal escapes from reality. That is story telling for you, a revival of the past to motivate the future. Everybody has a story and human beings are known to circulate them around; orally through folklore, artistically through wall paintings and divinely through written words. Only time declares these stories apart as fiction or reality. Nevertheless, we ought to make use of the magical power stories have over people.

“Want to make a point or raise an issue? Tell a story.” —Janet Litherland

The craft of storytelling has evolved into something more innovative and handier these days. We use authentic stories to win clients, to delight people, to evoke emotions. Storytelling is essential, as it is a human tendency to share discover a pattern from experiences and learn from them. As we head into an absurdist world where religion and didactic texts make lesser sense, it is these stories which inspire, enchant and keep hope alive.

Storytelling can be used in many ways. Slip it in while making presentations, read them out loud or just perform them in Theatres. It act itself can be liberating and useful exercise for professional story tellers, writers, newbies, marketing executives, or even FED ex speakers. A few prominent features of great storytelling are:

1. Voice Modulation
2. Body Language
3. Imagination
4. Plot and Moral
5. Emotions
6. An Unbreakable flow
7. Clarity of Words and
8. Positive Attitude

Why tell a Story?
These pointers are not the end of it all. The art requires a certain passion towards the crux of it that is stories. But let’s cut the chase. Why tell a story when one can write a press release for the audience?

The answer lies in the spark of human bond. Storytelling (using the above techniques) can keep a human relationship alive. A storytelling session not only enhances the above mentioned points, but it also has people intrigued and attached to your motive.

It’s about knowing people, which can be achieved through one-on-one storytelling, by storytelling on digital media, audio or AV, and Live transmissions as well. Storytelling promotes culture and cultivates a good habit of listening. Along with it comes more confidence and verbal proficiency.

Storytelling in Digital Media
Many firms have started making AV introductions for their customers. These videos tell the stories of their inception and client service experience and satisfaction. Corporate films have become a popular means of telling stories. Captivating visual storytelling is also taking a lead. Many storytellers make a combination of still photographs, text, video clips, and graphics, audio and interactive presentations. These story formats reach a wide audience and get your potential customers involved and won over. Moreover, it is the most compelling way of non-verbal storytelling.

Personal Enrichment
Story telling can be an enriching experience for all. A lot of theatre activities have started edging towards storytelling and narrative performances. And we all adore them for the emotional and spiritual relief they render us at times. Storytellers are no less than magician who can transport you to a different space and time. Those who exercise it are quite content with the impact of storytelling. And those listening to them experience bliss.

So go on and explore the art of storytelling.

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