Social media marketing: Myths and realities

Recently, a doctor inquired with us to avail services of social media marketing. As usual, our sales team presented him our fantastic packages for social media marketing. We expected the doctor to revert with positivity and begin using our services at the earliest. But we were wrong! The doctor, after a week’s time, got back to us and said, “I have got a proposal of another company. It is offering me social media marketing services at one third price of yours. If you are ready to offer me your services at that company’s price, I am ready to give you the job.” Our polite but firm answer was, “No sir, sorry. We cannot provide you services at this price.” He later sent us the proposal he had received from that company. Like always, we studied that to know secrets of cheap social media marketing services and as expected, we found usual tricks applied in that. Firstly, that company virtually offered no ‘resultable’ services but wanted its clients to give at least half year’s commitment. Secondly, it had too many fine lines printed in small font size. If Reading that, one can easily understand that cheap social media marketing services it provided would turn out to be costlier in the end. Worse, neither that doctor nor so many other educated people pay attention to such fine lines. They also ignore the basic fact that, ‘no lunch is free’ and, ‘quality never comes cheap.’ In another case, an affluent prospect was ready to spend good money on social media marketing. He also wanted lots of things to be done in a shortest time as he had big business plans ahead. After spending considerable time researching his brand, requirement and preparing a workable plan, we offered him a tailor-made, customized package. It was obvious that the package was slightly costlier than usual package. In the end, he too fall prey to a scheme of another company which offered him something that was not worth his spending.

While we always wish such clients all the best in their endeavor to create an online impact with not-so-good social media marketing, we always wish they go through hidden stuff before deciding whether to opt for a cheap package or not. For wiser clients, we have a small list of tips. 1. Many social media marketing agencies offer cheap-looking plans. Such plans are either of no use in long run or are not cheap in the end. One should always check every detail of a plan, benefits and services it offers, before saying yes or no to it. 2. Too many social networks do not mean great social media marketing. Few companies try luring clients by offering several social networks. However, in reality, many of those social networks may not be useful for a brand in reality. 3. To save few bucks, many people inadvertently opt for a plan that makes no sense at all. Such people should realize that it is better to stay off social media marketing than to spend even that much money! Enter this fray only when you firmly believe that social media marketing has become an integral and inevitable part of your marketing strategy. That way, you will be able to attention to it, spend wisely on it and reap its benefits. At Mangrol Multimedia, we believe that two social networks, viz. Facebook and Twitter, are the most essential for any brand or entity to create a space for itself on the Internet. It also helps to connect with existing customers and prospects. LindkedIn, Google+ are next in line and they can be of great help for certain objectives. Other social networks, such as Instagram, Pinterest and others are also very useful, depending on a brand and entity’s requirements. Our social media marketing packages are conceived after giving due consideration to several aspects related to it. Over the years, our experience of handling social media marketing has also helped us fine tune our packages and strategy so that our clients get the most out of their spending. Sometime we also suggest our clients to adopt, ‘on-and-off’ strategy, i.e. pausing social media marketing in lean phase and starting and accelerating in peak time for maximum benefit. Our advice is simple: Even at a cost of few thousands rupees a month, social media marketing is far cheaper than numerous marketing tools like print ad, radio and television ad, hoarding, leaflet and even direct marketing. So, in a world where hands are fondling devices and where opinions and decisions are getting highly influenced by sea of online information, it is very important you start giving social media marketing a serious thought. And while doing so, remember to choose correct plan, with correct, honest and transparent pricing so that you get the right results!