new delhi world fair 2017


Mangrol Multimedia at New Delhi World Book Fair 2017
Wednesday 11 January 2017


If Tuesday was a great day in terms of crowd and networking, Wednesday was even better than that, for almost all. It’s a different story that due to chilling weather, one saw lesser footfalls both at the opening and closing hour at New Delhi World Book Fair 2017 or NDWBF 2017. However, deficiency of turnout during those hours was compensated by rising crowd during day time.

The first couple of hours today were made interesting by schoolchildren who thronged the venue. It is a known thing that many Delhi schools organise visit to NDWBF 2017 so that students could experience such a mega fair and, get inspired to cultivate reading hobby. Though most students do not buy much stuff during their visit, they certainly make the entire atmosphere lively and young.

We at Mangrol Multimedia too had lots of schoolchildren as visitors at our stall 160 in hall 12A during couple of hours in the morning. Some of them curiously looked into kind of services we offer and asked us interesting questions. Some students when we requested them to see our stall and write a Google review for us obliged us happily. Actually, before coming to the Asia’s largest book fair, we had planned to keep lots of chocolates at our stall for visitors. We had thought that let people come, look at our services, or just stare at the stall, and let them have some chocolates before they move to some other stall. That wish remained unfulfilled because of reasons unknown, but today we really felt that we should have done it at least for children. This feeling became stronger later in the day when a woman requested to let her daughter hang on at our stall while she would go book-shopping. That child sat at our stall for good one hour or so. We had fruits with us which we offered her. We felt that chocolates would have entertained but the, where were chocolates?!

As there was little lesser crowd in the beginning, and as we had received a parcel of more samples through courier today, we utilised that time to reorganise our stall and décor it with newer samples. Besides shelves, we hanged and pasted samples on vacant places of our stall, which changed the entire look of it.

During peak hours, i.e. between 1 pm and 5 pm, we received fantastic mix of visitors. At certain times, we had not one or two, but four to five visitors at one go at our stall!

We had many interesting conversations too, like:

“So, do you do manual, human translation or you use tools like Google transliteration?”

“Ma’m, we do and believe in human translation only.”

“Oh, ok, why?”

“Because, had Google transliteration been great for all purposes, there would have been no need of people like ours, here, or anywhere.”


“What if I give you a novel written in Hindi and ask you to translate the same in English?”

“Well, we will get the job done, sir, for you.”

“Ok, and will you ask for credit for translator or do it as ghost-writer?”

“It depends on at what terms you wish to do the job.”

We are also into filmmaking and theatre productions and we were eagerly waiting for some inquiry to come in that division too. Today, there was this gentleman who inquired about filmmaking.

“What if I ask you to make short films for me?”

“We will make it for you.”

“How much will it cost?”

“For that, we first need to lock a subject, so that we would know production requirement. Accordingly, we would be able to give you budget, sir.”

One of the samples of our past works that drew greatest attention of visitors was called Pairport. Pairport looks like a passport and we had created it for marriage events in past. A Pairport has details of cities and families of the bride and the groom, along with compete schedule of marriage and few leisure reading stuff like jokes and quotes. Its total look and feel remains that of a passport, but its total content is imaginatively changed to suit a marriage. So, for example, Republic of India becomes Republic of Marriage in it, and so on. We knew it would grab attention of people and so, we had kept it on the front table, in a way that it attracts eyeballs. And it worked wonderfully!

“Yeh kya?! Yeh kiskaa passport hai?” “Yeh passport nahin hai sir, pairport hai.” “Pairport, matlab?”

With this, onlooker would get involved. Many visitors came to our stall to have a look and pairport and few of them went after giving us good lead for future business.

We had from today kept our leaflets at one more stall, belonging to a well-wisher, and whose stall is very close to the main entrance of the hall 12 and 12A. Few publishers and seekers reached us after picking up our leaflet from there. The fact that on Wednesday, we had the highest number of serious seekers of our services compared to all previous day, made us immensely happy. Also, few visitors from renowned publishing houses, corporate companies, appreciated our approach towards services and our pricing structure. For, they knew the pain goes into perfect work and were willing to pay for quality and reliability.Besides capturing photographs of our esteemed visitors, we also took videos of couple of visitors today. And for tomorrow, we vowed not to forget carrying lots of chocolates with us!

Now, looking forward to a great Thursday at New Delhi World Book Fair 2017!

Mangrol Multimedia is a participant in NDWBF 2017. We invite you to visit our stall to explore our services and samples.

Dates: 07 to 15 January 2017

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Hall: 12A

Stall: 160