Frequently asked Questions

What is translation?

Translation is rewriting or recreating content from one language to the other language. According to dictionary, it is the process of translating words or text from one language into another.

Why does one need translation?

According to Ethnologue there are 7,105 living languages in world, of which 3,570 have a developed writing system. You can discover many things about languages by visiting Ethnologue website here: In a world full of amazing languages, humans barely manage to learn and understand few languages. Translation can make an alien language, or at least its content, familiar one. Without translation, the Bible, or the Quran, the Mahabharat or Ramayan, and millions of news reports, advertisements, press releases, films and others things too would have remained confined to limited people. Translation, simply speaking, helps us bridge discover, exchange knowledge and to evolve, get closer to each other.

What is source language and target language?

The original content’s language is called the source language. The translated content’s language is called target language.

How translation is done?

It’s simple. Someone who knows at least two languages proficiently can translate one language’s content into the other language known. Besides knowing two languages, a person should also have knowledge of subject and domain required for a particular translation job. Without that, a person cannot do justice to translation job.

How the entire process of translation job is carried out?

A client assigns a translation job to agency. Agency, in turn, studies the nature of assignment and assigns the same to a professional who is capable to handle it. Subject, domain, speed, accuracy and urgency of a job are taken into consideration here. Once translation is done, another person takes over the job and editing is done, wherever required. Sometime, the editor also plays the role of proofreader and sometime, another person does this leg of work. Once proofreading too is done, the job is considered ready for delivery.

How translation charge is decided?

When a translation job is assigned to an agency, it first evaluates content. From subject to easiness and or complexity of content, and from legibility or illegibility of source material (in case of handwritten content), few other aspects are also taken into consideration during the evaluation process. Once that is done, time and cost involved in executing a translation job is arrived. The lesser the complexity, and expertise needed, the lesser the cost of translation. However, many translation jobs, like legal translation, technical translation, translation of ancient text, translation of poetic text, translation of scientific text, etc. cost more than general translation. Cost of translation may go up or down as per size and scale of a job. Lastly, speed matters too. Translation job to be completed at faster pace attract additional charges. In all, it all depends of quality of source file (content and legibility), nature of content, expertise needed and urgency.

I have a large project for translation. How can I send files? Will you charge less for it?

You can send us large files to us by using WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox kind of services. Alternatively, we can offer access to our FTP server for confidential files. So far as charging less for large project is concerned, we do offer concessional rate. To avail it, we need to know nature of job, urgency involved and so on.

How Mangrol Multimedia selects translators to be its associates?

We have a precise guideline when it comes to who can be our translators. Our translators are required to give written, and for certain services like interpretation, an oral test. We evaluate a translator’s ability to understand and interpret the source as well as the target language. Aspects like choice of words, construction of sentences, shortening and breaking of long sentences without affecting meaning or essence of the original text and grammar are inspected in the test. If a translator meets our quality standards and also shows readiness to adhere to guidelines related to availability and delivering assigned job within agreed timeframe, s/he can be a proud associate of Mangrol Multimedia. Our translators are required to maintain the same zeal while working on a regular basis. For, every client’s job is of utmost importance to us. We value and respect commitments and expect the same from our associates.

Do you have in-house translators? Or you use freelance translators?

We have both to serve our clients better and faster. Each and every translator at Mangrol Multimedia has at least 5 years’ experience in translation and or creative writing. Besides, we have translators who have one or other field, like legal translation, business translation, medical translation, etc.

What are the different levels of translations you offer?

We have three well-defined translation levels to suit various needs. You can check details of different translation plans by visiting translation and transcreation plans.

Who can be a translator?

Anyone with a great command over at least two languages can be a good translator. Here, great command also means in-depth knowledge of languages, word power and understanding of playing with words to achieve desired results. That’s because every language has its unique words that are hard to translate in other languages. A good translator can do justice to such words with ease only with the help of knowledge and experience. Translation is a specialized job and it needs lots of passion and patience too. A good translator, especially when working as an independent professional, needs to be punctual, diligent in work and eager to learn. So, in case you feel you have it in you, consider translation as your full-time or part-time profession.

How do you make delivery of translated file?

We deliver translated file in open (text or doc) format, along with a PDF version and fonts, as and when required.

I have a ready design. Want to translate its content into another language. Do you do that?

Yes, we do it. Please send us designed file, in open, editable format. We will do translation as well as placement of text in language of your choice and send back the same.

I want to get a book written about a product / person / event. Do you take up such a project?

Yes, we do. From planning to ready-to-print file, we can handle each and every aspect of book. Being an experienced team of journalists and writers, we can deftly execute conceptualization, timeline management, research, reporting, documentation of available data, writing, proofreading, designing and all related jobs well. We can create, write and design a book on almost any subject as per your requirement. Please get in touch with us to realize your dream of publishing a book.

I have a subject and want to write a book. I am good at imagination and want someone to put my thoughts into words. For that, I need a ghostwriter. Do you do ghostwriting?

Yes, we do. Kindly get in touch with us to fulfill your creative ambitions.

I have written a book. I want someone to edit it, proofread it and make more palatable, readable. Do you do it?

Yes, we do. We can improve your writing to make it more appealing to readers.

I have flair for language. I want to be a translator. Can you help?

Yes, we can help you. We encourage budding translators to enter this profession for an exciting career. We charge small fee for this which we assure you will be a worth for you. We will get in touch with you at earliest. You can get in touch with us either by sending an email at with a subject line ‘I want to be a translator’, or you can simple fill-out form available on our website.

: I want to be a writer. Can you help?

Yes, we can. We encourage budding writers to learn nitty-gritty of writing so that they can pursue their dream. From general writing to stage play writing to film writing, we can certainly help you explore possibilities. We charge small fee for this which we assure you will be a worth for you. We will get in touch with you at earliest. You can get in touch with us either by sending an email at with a subject line ‘I want to be a writer’, or you can simple fill-out form available on our website.

Do you conduct acting workshop?

Yes, we do. Our team of professional actors as well as directors can help you learn many exciting things about acting and stage presence. From footwork to voice modulation, we can evaluate your talent and help you improve it. You can ask us to conduct acting workshop for you or for a group of people too.

I have stage fear. I want to be a good orator. I also want to impress audience with my stage presence. How can you help?

We believe that any person can create an impact on stage by learning few tricks and by following certain rules. We can help you master this art. We can help you not only in improving your stage presence but also to deliver effective speech.