Spoofs and Parody movies Spoofs and Parody movies Spoofs and Parody movies Spoofs and Parody movies

Spoofs and Parody Movies are Brilliant Canvas for Humor

V isual Media today adds a lot of fun aspect to everycampaign. For one thing,it is the best way to cheer up your audience. Be it for brand visibility, or personal cause, a video is quick at grabbing attention of today’s tech savvyaudience. Among them, parodies are the most enjoyed form of entertainment. They are imitations of original work of art with a twist, or a mockeryin fun spirit.

Spoofs specificallyare works that ridicule a particular genre. For example, manyvideos are makingparody of unrealistic romance in movies, these are spoofs.Spoofs and parodies are trending widely as videos. Anyone and everyone can make them, and base them on existing content.We think more people should start creating spoofs.After all, we need lighthearted comedy every day.

Though writing parodies may sound easy and foolproof from plagiarism, it does call forgreat deal of efforts and creative knack. It is almost an art to look at things satirically, the way not many may be capable of. These videos are appreciated immensely for their ability to make people laugh and more importantly for their attempt to catch up with realistic values of the society. They generate laughter in the most serious situations as well, rendering stress relief and lightness in mood.

To bear these social responsibilities, spoofs need to be made efficiently on issues of mass appeal, and should be sensible enough to charm their way into people’s memory.

Here’s how making spoofs will polish the gem of yourwit and is a great hobby.

1. Spoofs and parody clipshave become popular means of creating humor as they go viral quickly. As compared to written words, spoofs videos get shared and viewed immensely by youth as well as adults. If it’s hilarious, spoof can get you a huge audience in short time.

2. The basis of aspoof is the original movie or clip, which is well known by the writer as well as audience. Therefore, if you are creating a spoof, youkeep good knowledge of current trends and digital happenings and movies.

3. Everyone can look at a spade and call it a spade. But you my friend can choose to defer and justify your thoughts. While writing a spoof scene people use intense expression of the actors on screen to speak on off-the-track, mundane or general themes. It could even be vice versa. Writing spoofs over time can enhance ability to do this and think out of the box.

4. A great spoof is not filled with random or baseless ideas. When you realize this and try writing meaningful and yet hilarious spoofs, your mind will get accustomed to judging comedy righty and filtering it out from offensive material. So applies to life.

5. It’s a small world, and spoofs videos make it easy to impress. You can make spoofs for a small group of audience and even load it with personal jokes. If your work is good, it’ll get shared on social communities and attract more people to become your friends. It can even make you most popular satirically mate amongst your pals.

And who knows, a spoof or parody can land you a great career opportunity for your sense of humor.

Some potential Bollywood movies for making a spoof could be Bluff Master(1963), De Taali(2008),Dedh Ishqiya (2014),and many more.

So brace your wits and prepare to make your life fun and interesting!Start writing spoofs scenes and share them with us.

And yes, just in case you feel you are capable of writing a superb spoof, get in touch with us. We’d provide you a platform, an opportunity to write and win hearts!

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