new delhi world fair 2017


Mangrol Multimedia at New Delhi World Book Fair 2017
Visit us at HALL 12A STALL 160


We from Mangrol Multimedia had visiting New Delhi World Book Fair 2016 as visitors. The experience was truly mesmerizing. Especially for me who has probably spent more money on book all his life than on any other personal thing. I am because I am a reader and who would be happier than a reader while visiting such a book fair?

Mangrol Multimedia’s stall is number 160 in the hall 12A of the NBTWBF.

We had met and mingled with lots of participants in 2016. We had also collected lots of literature, visiting cards, brochures to books, from the event. All this helped us to decide that the next year, we have to be one of the participants of the National Book Trust organised fair. And we did act well on time when booking for stalls opened at NBT website few weeks back. So, here we are, at Hall 12A, stall 160 in New Delhi World Book Fair 2017 or NDWBF 2017

The action started a day before its formal inauguration for us. We had to take possession of the stall from the organisers and for that, we were informed to report at Pragati Maidan on Friday, 06 January 2017, after 4 pm. We reached at 4 itself as we believed there would be crowd and chaos at the gate 01, the only point of entry for participants.

Yes, many vehicles were there at the gate but we faced no problem entering the venue. Maybe, the officials who were manning the gate were very efficient and knew their job, or maybe, it was our sheer luck that we got our way faster! Being service provider with no books or publications to offer for sale, we had come with just samples of our works to be displayed at our stall. We managed to locate our stall in jiffy as we knew Pragati Maidan well after our earlier visit. The layout of hall 12A, the design of our stall won our hearts the moment we saw it for the first time. That’s because we felt that stall’s design was better than what we had seen last year. As such, halls at Pragati Maidan are sprawling and inviting.
Soon, we were setting up things, filling shelves with our samples and discussing what to do from tomorrow. Once we wrapped up basic works, we left the venue only to return the next day before 11 am, to meet lots of visitors, book lovers and service seekers

Before I send, here are few points worth munching about NBT’s NDWBF 2017:

  1. NBT’s NDWBF 2017 is being held between Saturday, 07 January 2017 and Sunday, 15 January 2017, both days included.
  2. Visiting hours are: 11 am to 08 pm.
  3. It is Asia’s biggest book fair organised for 44 consecutive years now.
  4. The most stall of a language this year are for English, with 448 stalls.
  5. The least number of stalls, i.e. only one, is for Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Odia and Gujarati (Mangrol Multimedia’s stall!) However, there are few stalls where one would find books in these languages as many publishers offer their publications in multiple languages and also; few publishers may have registered themselves with some other language as their base but do wonderful work in these languages.
  6. For those who visit this fair for the first time, we strongly recommend to begin their day early. That’s because Pragati Maidan is too big and you’d enjoy moving from one hall to the other. Reaching late means you’d certainly have to miss few halls and numerous stalls of your interest.

And we did meet lots of interesting people there!

Mangrol Multimedia is a participant in NDWBF 2017. We invite you to visit our stall to explore our services and samples.

Dates: 07 to 15 January 2017

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Hall: 12A

Stall: 160