When Suzanne got perfect English to Tamil translation done

Suzanne was restless since afternoon. A client, originally from India, wanted Suzanne to represent her in an Indian court in a certain case. He had sent her loads of documents to study and prepare defense. Problem was that documents she received were in Tamil language. For Suzanne, Tamil was a language of another world. She desperately wanted those documents translated into English. The only source where she could seek help for this was the Internet. She wondered, “Can I trust someone unknown and be assured that the translated documents would be true to their Tamil version? Millions of dollars of her client were at stake. Without accurate, effective translation from Tamil to English, things were bound to go wrong. Suzanne prayed nothing that sort of happens to her. Thankfully, she found Mangrol Multimedia online and got in touch with an executive.

“Oh hi… See I am really short of time. I have got a pile of documents in Tamil language. I want them translated into English. It’s a legal matter you see, and you can understand that I would lose the case if translated text goes wrong. Can you help?” “Sure Ma’m… we are here to help you”, replied the executive, and added, “Please furnish me details and tell me your deadline.” Suzanne furnished an outline of assignment: Tamil to English translation, around 15,000 words ,legal content, the maximum time she can give was 4 days.

The executive, after making sure that a competent legal translator was available to complete the assignment, revert to Suzanne with details of cost and delivery format and payment options. For Suzanne, such a prompt and perfect reply was the first indication that her work would get done as desired. Within 3 and a half day, the translated text was in her inbox in a format she wanted. She went through the entire file and found it as accurate as she wished it to be. After going to the file, her client, whose native language was Tamil, also gave a thumbs up to it. The entire job cost Suzanne and her client just a fraction of expenses she would occur during her India visit. However, its worth was beyond imagination. For, without translated text, it was impossible for Suzanne to be of any help to her esteemed client. That’s why Suzanne suggests her colleagues, “It’s imperative for us to spend few bucks on translation instead of relying upon untrustworthy sources. We cannot speculate and make a case out of online translation and interpretation provided by people of our circle. For legal translation, we must seek help of a professional agency like Mangrol Multimedia. This saves us time, efforts and money too!”