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Fantastic Office Party Ideas that Are Light as Feather

No matter how efficient you are at your office desk, throwing parties is always a hectic task. Organizing office parties call for a lot of pre-planning and convincing to be done. You have to be on the tip of your toes and feisty to entertain a bunch distinct personalities. There’s a lot more to office parties than just food and decorum.

Unlike personal bashes, office parties are more professional and sound a grim affair. For starters; a long list of guests which cannot be customized, office rivalries that may seep in on frantic note and complains bound to come in about inconvenience. To top that, you might just have to deal with the dull mood brewed on the spot by an unenthusiastic crowd.

Push that all aside and rest assured that office parties are great opportunities to know your colleagues and stir up some team spirit.

A few plus points why you could opt to join your office party:

1. A break from monotonous work
2. Making new friends
3. Unearthing a helping hand
4. Character Insight
5. Team bonding
One needs to be a bit cautious and not turn this venture into a kind of ‘the big fat Indian wedding’. Though the office premise

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would be available for parties, it’s not advisable to overlook the factor of affordability and time management for office parties.

Here are a few tips to throw a memorable office bash:

1. Potluck – It is fun idea to implement at small office celebrations such as birthdays or festival parties. Tell each staff member to bring in a special food item to be shared with all. Potluck is trending not only because of unexpected surprises, but because there is a personal touch to every feast preparation. Also, Potluck is very convenient to arrange.

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2. Games and activities -Pull up tricks such as scavenger hunts, Dumshirad, Antakshari, festive competitions and improvisational games to stir up the wits of your colleagues at office parties. It is usually at these office parties that one discovers new talents and hobbies, which in turn contributes to healthy office relationships.

3. Decoration – Nothing childish, we all love beautified spaces. For office celebrations, minimalistic decorations are good. If necessary, each guest can bring in decoration accessories such as balloons or ribbons, to deck up a day before the party.

4. Gift Exchange – a popular element at Christmas parties, gift exchange also know as Secret Santa can work wonders in diluting boundaries. Of course, chocolates count as gifts too. This would need a little pre-planning. The host could also set a budget price to be adhered by all.

5. Award’s Night – Don’t edge for something too formal. Award night could be held at any celebration. Titles such as Most Sincere, Most Hardworking, Most Naughty, Most Social, and on could be used. Be careful not to offense your colleges or juniors at work with rash titles.

6. Movie or Play Nights –Media has become a great topic of discussions. The kind of entertainment one chooses also influences through process and creativity. So what better way than to take your team out for a wonderful play or movie at a nearby theatre. And do follow it up with a brainstorming talk on the show.

7. Dine Out – An exorbitant idea for many, but a doable plan for a small group. Dine out is liberating experience that detaches people from the similar office premises.

8. Corporate workshops –Re-load your staff with energy and team building exercises. A lot of Theatre group conduct such workshops. Besides theatre, there could be something trending which your staff might collectively want to know. A baking session or a social media workshop could seamlessly form a part of your office party.

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9. Theme Parties – Be it traditional day, sports day, Halloween or Valentine’s, theme parties gets a lot of attention. From costumes to accessories, theme parties are hard to miss and less melancholy.

10. Book exchange day – This could be done on a regular basis but may escape the less avid readers in your office. Nonetheless, announce it a day before the party that everyone could get a fiction or non-fiction book to exchange for a read. It’s always merry to share literature as it drags you to like-minded company.

There they are! Best hacks to crack the ice at an office party. Follow them well, invent something new and in no time you could be organizing the best office party of the year! Enjoy.

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