How do you get a website for just Rs. 5000?

A prospect recently inquired about designing a website. “I want it to be stylish, responsive, translation ready and well, should have at least 25 pages. And yes, I believe you’d give me a great domain along with hosting service. So, how much you’d charge for website designing?” We informed him our best charges. We assured him not just quality of design, but also of content. Being a 360° multimedia agency, and serving more than 20 languages with finesse, we know our website content and website designing makes a deadly combo for any informed and understanding client. In this case, however, we were stumped down as soon as we sent him quotation. For, he reverted with unusual information, “Another agency is offering me website designing at nearly half the price you quoted. But I still want to go if you can come down on the rate. Now tell me.” We checked the quotation and fine lines mentioned thereon and we got what expected. He was offered a web designing service by a rookie, whose knowledge of fine aspects of web designing, basic and client’s-right-sort-of-SEO, the importance of content, good hosting and maintenance seems to be very low. The client, on his, part, trusted the guy would really deliver the best. The truth was something else. A good website, with great content, needs a great understanding of lots of things. When you expect the best, and if you know your website would be a reflection of your business, then you should not fall in the trap. Here are few points one must consider for a great website:

• Great content. Without that, your site will make users bore, create an imprecise impression and fail to express right views. • Responsive, future-ready design: With lots of devices in use, a website must be seen and surfed with an equal ease on all screens. • Basic SEO-ready. Maybe you cannot spend a lot on SEO, but a website can easily have basic SEO done with little creativity and understanding of web designing and client’s business. • Reliable server and hosting. If your server is not reliable, most of your website users would not come back. Similarly, a local hosting is always preferable for fast and easy loading of a website. • Easy to maintain. Going fancy is one thing and being user-friendly is another thing. A stylish website may look good in the beginning, but eventually, any website needs to be easy to maintain. • Reliable agency. You may need after-sales service. A reliable agency can act fast upon your instruction and do necessary updates, corrections in your website. Remember, when someone is offering something great at a throwaway price, there has to be something fishy and unreliable about it. Why buy pain and problem when you can get quality and happiness easily? At Mangrol Multimedia, we assure you the best of everything, from responsive web designing services to meaningful, perfect content for the website and similarly reliable web hosting services with quick after-sales service. Welcome to Mangrol Multimedia, welcome to happiness.