Vibrant Gujarat Global Business Summit: Day 01: An Overview

The entire Gandhinagar city, which otherwise gives a feeling of being inert, had come to life on the first day of the event. Hotel rents to cab fares, everything has hit the roof in the city and even in Ahmedabad. Let us hope that all that proves worth in the end and business deals worth thousands of crores take place by 20 January here

By Yojana Parekh

Call it a work of sheer vision, hard work or call it a power of brand Narendra Modi coupled with Gujarat’s ever progressive characteristic, the Vibrant Gujarat summit 2019 has surely become one business networking event that is attracting industrialists and entrepreneurs alike from across the world. The latest version, that kicked off on Friday, 18 January 2019, at Gandhinagar’s Mahatma Mandir convention centre is no exception. 18 years have gone since the inaugural edition of it was organized during the Navratri festival in 2003. The inaugural edition, as informed Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani today in his speech, had just 500 persons in attendance. This time around, the figure, as per an estimate, is close to 30,000!

India’s top industrialists, budding businessmen, venture capitalists, SMEs, policy makers and others are at Gandhinagar for this event currently. Add to that as many as 15 nations’ official delegates joining it and moreover, representatives from several other countries too rubbing shoulders with others, and you have a fair idea how exciting the event has become with the passage of time.

Mangrol Multimedia Limited has also joined this event this year to have the first hand idea of its importance and worth. What we noticed on the day one of this much talked about event? Here are few points:

  • The Vibrant Gujarat is an excellent idea to help businesses grow by finding opportunities, collaborating with others and exploring the unexplored visions. That is the reason why state after state in India has got inspired by it have their own version of such an event. What makes the Vibrant Gujarat the best among all such events is its sheer canvas, meticulous planning, commendable execution and above all, the proactive participation of the Gujarat government to make it one of its kind event.

  • The first day saw the customary inaugural function, where India’s top industrialists to many head or ministers of various countries delivered a speech. These speeches gave quite an interesting insight not just about the event but also about India’s global positioning.

  • From entry to distribution of badges and from food counters to B2B and B2G meeting management, every aspect of the event had a mark of perfection on it. Few glitches like server failure, sudden crash downs of the Vibrant Gujarat App resulting in irritation and others did not dampen the mood of attendees.

  • Few confusions too prevailed. Like many delegates could not understand why they were given a badge of certain colour. Many delegates were not given lunch passes and so, they were clueless whether they would be provided lunch or need to arrange it themselves.

  • Many events after the inaugural functions took place on the day one. While all were useful to many, it was not easy to know what’s going on where due to expansive venue as well as absence of proper display board outside each hall.

  • The Narendra Modi speech was received with cheers by all. It was clear that irrespective of what he would say, people in the Mahatma Mandir are going to like it anyhow.

  • The event mostly went on as per schedule. That made it more lovable. While half of the first day was invested in the inaugural function followed by lunch, delegates tried to make the most of the remaining half day in jiffy. However, those who were first timers, like us, took even more time to understand the overall functioning of the event. Hopefully, we would do much better tomorrow.