Translation, Technology, Transformation

Translation, Technology, Transformation
On day six of the World Book Fair 2018, Mangrol Multimedia had some worthy visitors. They discussed not only work but also, technology and how it would further change the way the art of writing and translation change

NBT World Book Fair 2018 blog: Day 06 – Thursday 11 January 2018
By Sanjay V Shah

“So, how do you charge for translation? We have a book about the environment and want it to be translated into Indian languages from English.” The visitor was a media person and had quite a good exposure to the media industry in general. We are often asked this question by many, especially new clients or people who seek translation for the first time.

We explained him how we deal with translation:
1. We assess the given file, for its genre, subject, style, word count and related things.
2. We go through asking timeline, special requirements if any, quantum of work.
3. We have rates at place for most of translation works, general, legal, scientific, etc. and we apply suitable rate to most works. Rates change only for valid reasons. For example, intricacies of content or urgency may push the rate little higher and quantum of work may bring it down to a notable extent.
4. Unlike many agencies or freelance translators working from home independently, and lacking support for revision, second look, we have quality check process at place. Revision also adds to our overheads, but it also helps us to deliver a far better output. Our clients understand this well as it also assures them of superior delivery.

That’s it. It is simple, transparent and clear. We explained this to the visitor in detail. He was visibly happy and said, “I have already visited more than 40 stalls in World Book Fair by now, but no one explained me about translation the way it is explained here. Thanks.” Oh, it was pleasure explaining you, friend!

We also had a technology company’s team visiting our stall today. They wanted to know whether we would be able to a large project or not. Why not? We have a network of 600+ associates across the
globe. We deal with 40 languages and we are catering to 400+ clients. Moreover, we have a scalable model where, accommodating any new large project can be done seamlessly.

Thursday was a hectic day for us. Many freelancers seeking work from home were also our visitors today. We briefed them about Mangrol Multimedia, how we operate and so on.

We distributed lots of leaflets today outside our hall 12. One of us circulated leaflets to every stall holder at WBF 2018 at Pragati Maidan.

Finally, we wish to share tips for aspiring translators:

  • Do not just wish to be a translator, act and start preparing yourself to become a dependable translator.
  • Read a lot. Translate something every day, irrespective of you get paid work or just for practice.
  • Never be under illusion that you can easily give justice to translation if provided some professional work. To be a good pro, you must keep playing with words, every day. Learn to type in languages you deal with. It is not difficult.
  • Pay utmost attention to grammar and keep learning it.
  • A good singer needs to riyaaz and a good cricketer need to go for net practice. The more regular one does this, the better. So, a good translator must do similar things. Reading, writing, learning, experimenting with words, discussing doubts with peers and experienced professionals to keep evolving.

Ok, not that’s all for the day. By the way, if you have not visited Mangrol Multimedia stall at WBF 2018 yet, please do visit. We would be happy to welcome you. We are here: Hall 12, stall 12.

(Sanjay V Shah is Founder-CEO of Mangrol Multimedia)