Suggestion To Further Improve The World Book Fair

As the organising agency, while NBT is doing extremely well to meet everyone’s expectations, the World Book Fair can be turned into an even better fair. For this, few things needed to be done

By Yojana Parekh

Being the biggest book fair of Asia, a lot is always expected from the much loved New Delhi World Book Fair. Its 2019 edition is going on in full swing currently. It is expected that footfalls would not keep on increasing till the last day, i.e. Sunday 13 January 2019. The National Book Trust of India that organizes this popular book fair does a commendable job to ensure everyone’s interest, comfort, and satisfaction.

Yet, there is always a scope of further improvements for any such event. I have been speaking to other stall holders as well as visitors to know their views on this fair. I feel it’s a great idea to share those views with all. So, here are few points I am sharing with you:

  • First, the information facility. There is no doubt that for such a grand event, NBT is taking care of sharing information with people to a great extent. From publicity to entry-exit points and stall management to other things, most of the things are done thoughtfully. But because of the ongoing construction within the Pragati Maidan ground, some sort of chaos is bound to happen, and it’s happening. To avoid this, more sign boards should be put up. Volunteers can also be appointed to help visitors find what they want. This would save lots of time of all and make the experience of being at the World Book Fair more exciting.

  • Earlier, Pragati Maidan had fantastic food courts. They offered cuisines of many places including famous Delhi dishes. Things have changed since then. Most food courts are demolished for redevelopment. There are stalls serving food, water, and soft drinks but they are not sufficient. Some people suggested that the NBT should think of erecting temporary food stalls close to different entries to the ground. ITPO, that looks after Pragati Maidan, can also think of this so that not just WBF but all other fairs benefit from it.

  • This year, WBF exhibitors have been charged separately for additional usage of electricity at their stall. The problem here is not additional cost but the way figures are worked out. NBT said that charges are levied per unit basis but no stall has an exclusive meter. Also, charging Rs. 3,000 for using television for display something for 9-days is certainly outrageous. Such charges discourage exhibitors indeed. Why can’t NBT think with little modesty and practicality on this?

  • The NDT directory of the Fair is quite useful to locate any particular stall . One copy each of it is given to all exhibitors but for the general public, it is not that easily available. I think it’s available if one pays for it. The best thing should be made the directory available on the NBT website. That will help people find what they want very easily. Going one step further, the NBT can also think of developing a dedicated application for the Fair and make all useful information available to all at once.

  • The hall 12 and 12A, where stalls are made available to Hindi and Indian languages exhibitors at a subsidized rate, attracts mostly Hindi publishers. Stalls for other Indian languages mostly remain remarkably low. Something should be done to improve this tally and that can be done by the NBT only.

  • The wi-fi Internet facility needs to be included in the stall rent, even if it means hiking stall rent by some hundred rupees. This would make life easier for exhibitors and also, become an additional source of income for the NBT. In hall 12 and 12A, as I had mentioned in an earlier blog, there is a paid wi-fi connection of i-on available, but such a bad registration and purchase process it has that it becomes almost impossible to avail it.  

More, as usual, tomorrow. Have a great time with your books, folks!

See you again, tomorrow!  

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(Yojana is a part of team Mangrol that is participating at NBT WBF 2019)