Publishers’ Paradise, Readers’ Delight

The ongoing World Book Fair 2019 is one event no publishers, media persons could afford to miss. Meeting people from the fraternity coming from the entire nation is one of the highlights of this book fair

By Yojana Parekh

After going through the routine ritual of upping the curtains and getting ready to welcome visitors to our stall at the World Book Fair 2019 on Wednesday, I just felt curious to know one thing: What mix of visitors we have had till date? How many cities, towns or villages they represented? And what’s the number of visitors when classified as the fraternity people, readers, freelancers, students and others?

With this I had an added aim for the day. Besides managing the day’s visitors and coordinating their data with our Mumbai office for follow-up, I started preparing an overview of visitors till date. Such a quick overview would let me know worth of participating in this Fair. It will also prepare me for future when I would be following up with real prospects and others. Now, let me share with you some interesting outcomes.

First, the numbers:



01, Saturday


02, Sunday


03, Monday


04, Tuesday


05, Wednesday

32 by 5 pm

Above numbers are self-explanatory. Except for Sunday, the number of visitors to our stall remained low to reasonable. If we add the numbers of visits we paid to various stalls across the halls, the overall number would double. And if we consider the number of visitors who were more like onlookers or passerby, and had nothing directly to do with our services, the last total would go thrice, or say around 50 to 60 visitors a day.

Not great, one may think, but not bad, if we think of quality of visitors.

Till last year, we would entertain every visitor as a prospect or a freelancer, expecting all to be a part of Mangrol one or the other way. Then, with around three years’ experience, we realised that approach was like spending energy in a wrong direction. This time around, we decided to classify visitors as quick as possible. Our courteous behaviour, free distribution of chocolates along with clicking snaps of most visitors notwithstanding, we decided to focus on those visitors who would matter in the end. The other benefit we are noticing is allocation of time on important visitors. Earlier, we would spend time with visitors who may not make sense at all. Now, our time is mostly devoted to the right visitors. Perfect!

For anyone who is participating or wishes to take part in the National Book Trust’s World Book Fair 2019, we have few tips here:

  • Do keep up a list of your visitors. Instead of trusting memory, jot down each information you may get from a visitor. This would help you later when you maybe searching for someone for a particular task.

  • Do socialise. Take photographs with people. Let them feel happy and at ease. Share photographs on social media. Tag people. And most importantly, keep in touch with your visitors.

  • From afternoon to early evening, be ready to welcome visitors in higher numbers. So on weekends and public holidays if they come during the Fair.

  • Last but not the least, visit other stall and connect with the fraternity people. Remember, when readers quickly migrating to digital books, it is necessary for physical book publishers to be of help to each other.

  • For service providers like us, we wish to add one more point. You can get an unexpected amount of work from the Fair, provided you and a prospect could match the price. It’s not easy, as several publishers still follow conservative and old model of business. Yet, it is our duty as well as need to try our best to come on the same page with them. After all, like them, we too need business to survive and grow.

See you again, tomorrow!

(Visit Mangrol Multimedia at NBT World Book Fair 2019

HALL 12A STALL 318. To find us at Pragati Maidan, call us on 9773562241)

(Yojana is a part of team Mangrol that is participating at NBT WBF 2019)