In Short, NBT World Book Fair 2019 Rocked!

Far better crowd than 2018 was the sole reason why this year’s fair proved to be a better than its predecessor. Few things NBT could do to make sure this momentum is maintained every year. And with lots of hopes for the coming year, we say goodbye to the fair!   

By Yojana Parekh

Barring one or two working days during the week it took place, the National Book Trust of India organised World Book Fair 2019 remained a hectic and crowd-pulling event throughout. It was felt not just by us but by most of exhibitors who had superb sales and. We don’t sell anything so for us, the success indicator was footfalls only. We received much more visitors this year. Also, we were overwhelmed by the fact that our visitors mostly consisted of prospects and professionals who wished to join us one or the other way.

The NBT of India must be congratulated for managing such a huge event with a touch of class. It runs the fair quite effectively and makes sure that everything goes on flawlessly. From the online stall booking facility to ricket selling and maintaining air around the event, everything is done finely by the NBT.  

For the final day, I wish to write down few things which I felt worth mentioning:

  • The NBT should think of organising a similar book fair in all metros of India. Why should only New Delhi have it and not Mumbai, Chennai and other cities? There is not doubt that any such grand event elsewhere in India would be as successful as the New Delhi WBF.

  • Exhibitors should be provided few more basic facilities and wi-fi is one of them. Agree that JIO has brought down the cost of data unbelievably down but, for fairs like this, exhibitors need a wi-fi connection for smooth financial transaction, showing online presentations to visitors and more. For NBT, providing such a facility is just a matter of policy decision and not a big deal.  

  • There is no visitor engagement activities ever done at the WBF. NBT should think of doing something in this regards. For example, there could be some lucky draws so that more people get attracted towards the fair. Also, besides organising paid activities at Lekhak Manchs and Writers’ Corner, NBT can think of out of the box activities where, instead of publishers and writers, even readers are directly involved.

  • Similar contest could be organised for exhiborts. For example, how about awarding the best designed stall, the most disciplined and cooperative stall and so on? As of now, what binds exhibitors and NBT is need only: Exhibitors have no choice but to participate in case they wish to be a part of this important event; and for NBT, it’s just selling spaces and tickets and managing chores year after year.

  • There should be a helpline available for both visitors and exhibitors. I have seen people looking for information, assistance and run here and there helplessly. The biggest challenge for all is to locate the stall they wish to visit and buy preferred books. The directory is published and provided to exhibitors but for a common man, it’s not easy to get it.

  • If not food, at least water should be made available at as many places as possible. This small care would mean a lot to thousands of visitors. Also, NBT should think of stationing few ground assistants along with security guards. That way, providing information, showing way to a certain direction and such things would become easier.  

I hope my blogs for all these days have made sense to its readers. I welcome your suggestions to improve it in future. Thank you!

(Visit Mangrol Multimedia at NBT World Book Fair 2019

HALL 12A STALL 318. To find us at Pragati Maidan, call us on 9773562241)

(Yojana is a part of team Mangrol that is participating at NBT WBF 2019)