Great going, world book fair 2018

Some has rightly said this fantastic line: Build people and then people build the business. Man, as we all know, has succeeded to evolve himself from an animal to an amazing creature thanks to basically two things, his brain and, ability to build communities. And, communities are nothing but the most powerful weapon to connect with each other.

The World Book Fair (WBF) 2018 at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan is just proving to be one such powerful place where a community of likeminded people has come to life. People, associated with languages, literature, world of imagination, creativity and most importantly, of sharing knowledge among each other. Wednesday, 10 January gave us fantastic opportunity to become partner with several people. At one end, enquiries for work kept coming in, and at other end, those looking for works kept registering with us for probable association. Just as we had wished for.

Let us tell you in brief about our services. We are one of unique companies that provides wide range of media services under one roof. After all, where in the world you would find a company providing writing, translation, trans-creation, transcription, subtitling, interpretation, voice over, typesetting, proofreading, graphic designing, enterprise technology solutions, stage production, audio visual and other services together? We sometime say in jest we are a Ramoji Film City of media services business. Our client come to us with a requirement, with multiple aspects, needs, stages and can get them all taken care of at once.

Think of it: You have a book and need to translate in a certain language. Now, first you need is a translator, then a typesetter, proofreader, graphic designer and even more talents, depending upon how far you would wish to go. At Mangrol Multimedia, you are assured of all these needs getting fulfilled at once place, without worrying about coordinating with several people, agencies or places.

Coming back to WBF 2018, our stall is attracting many talents. We are glad that stall holders from almost all halls at the Fair are visiting us to explore our world. Many of them have said, “Oh! 40+ languages and so many services? Yours is quite a different company.” Yes, we are different not just because we offer many things together, but also because we take care of quality and timelines.

Today, we received enquiries for translation works, graphic designing services for books and magazines, voluminous typesetting job, project report preparation for a start-up, speech writing for a political leader, social media management for a fast-growing publication house, television commercial making for an electronics brand, street play campaign for a fertilizer company, image enhancement… list just goes on. Today’s excellent response was also a firm indication of better, eventful days ahead.

Come, you too should visit Mangrol Multimedia as Pragati Maidan before the ongoing WBF 2018 ends on Sunday, 14 January 2018. More so in case you relate to the world of media in one or other way. Whether you are a writer, translator, publisher, interpreter, visualizer, web developer, graphic designer, storyteller, screenwriter, playwright, cinematographer, editor, proofreader or anyone else, do visit our stall. Your visit would certainly help us both to join hands and do wonderful things together.

Mangrol Multimedia at World Book Fair 2018: Hall 12, stall 151.

For any assistance, please call: 9653416394.