Books Are Forever, So Is NBT World Book Fair

NBT World Book Fair 2019 - Day 01

People are so much in love with literature and the World Book Fair that they make sure to visit this annual event in a huge number at Pragati Maidan, This despite construction activities at the ground and chilling weather of the Capital City.

By Yojana Parekh

Amid ongoing developmental works inside Pragati Maidan, the National Book Trust organized World Book Fair was kickstarted with usual excitement today, on Saturday 04 January 2019.

It’s our third year at the Fair as a participant and we were quite prepared for things that take place on the opening day. A day before, when the stall holders are handed over their spaces for preparatory activities including decoration and arrangements, we had like hundreds of other stall holders set thing in order. On Sunday morning, we reached to hall 12A, stall 318, which is going to be our ground zero till coming Sunday, i.e. 13 January.

We were delighted to see that people started flocking halls as soon as the gates were thrown open. And within the few minutes itself, we received started welcoming visitors to our stalls as well.

Hall 12A is essentially earmarked for the HIndi and regional languages in the Fair. There are close to 350 stalls in it this year. The number of smaller stalls of 3X2 metres are increased this year compared to the last year. The reason should be to attract more and new participants. Even we have moved from a 3X3 stall to this one as that makes sense for a company like ours that sells nothing. We participate just to create awareness about our services and to meet prospects as well as freelance talents. And we feel extremely lucky this time around as we have got a two-side open stall close to an exit. Such a stall has its own advantages, like receiving visitors first when they enter from the entrance next to us, a little extra space to maneuver and more footfalls than stalls located at some extreme corner.

The morning itself proved that we are going to have a great time throughout the Fair. The visitors we received today were mostly the kind of we would expect for: service seekers, freelancers and corporate representatives looking for right vendors. With delight, we started sharing details with them about our company, Mangrol Multimedia, and answering their questions:

“We provide several media services, from content management to audio visual making in 40+ languages.”

“Yes, we can help you get your book digitally published. And because you are a first time writer, we suggest you not to go for a print version of your book. Do so once your creative work makes some impact in the digital version. That way, you would save money spent on printing.”

“Yes, Ma’m, you can certainly be a Mangrol associate living in Lucknow. All you need to do is send us an email to and our team would assist you how to become our associate as a translator.”

“If you wish to make money from your website, Sir, then you have to make sure it has a cool design, easy navigation, proper SEO and the appealing content. We would take care of all these aspects so that you can concentrate on serving your clients.”

We had quite a good numbers of inquiries today. From translation to web solutions and form designing an inspiring logo for a start-up to helping a unique education idea based mobile application to scale up its reach across the country through content management.

Among few important visitors, there were NBT seniors who appreciated our company, Mahashay Dharampal Gulati of MDH Spices fame were prominent. There were few senior corporate heads too. We kept ourselves quite busy throughout the day conversing with them, exchanging visiting cards and discussing possibilities of collaboration.

By the time it was closing time, we were sure of one thing: WBF 2019 is surely going to be more fun and business compared to the preceding year!

Here are few observations of the day one:

  • The ongoing developmental works in the Pragati Maidan premises has not dented book lovers spirit at all. Despite dusty surrounding, added chaos and some sort of lack of arrangements, they came in hundreds and thousands as usual on the inaugural day to the World Book Fair 2019.

  • We tried several times in the first half to get a paid connection of i-on’s wifi for ourselves, but all in vein. The company’s website sucks and so is its customer care and support. Worse, that was the only wifi connection available in the hall. The National Book Trust of India should do something about this.

  • Water and snacks are not as easily available at the venue as they were earlier, thanks to demolition of expansive food courts at Pragati Maidan. This has resulted in lots of troubles to visitors and exhibitors equally.

  • Garbage management at Pragati Maidan should be better. There is a need of putting up directional sign boards as well.


Visit Mangrol Multimedia at NBT World Book Fair 2019

HALL 12A STALL 318. To locate us at Pragati Maidan, call us on 9773562241

(Yojana is a part of team Mangrol that is participating at NBT WBF 2019)