new delhi world fair 2017


Mangrol Multimedia at New Delhi World Book Fair 2017
Friday 13 January 2017


What a day Friday proved to be! What a crowd it was! The National Book Trust organised New Delhi World Book Fair 2017, now in its last leg, had one of its finest days in Lohri, a popular Punjabi festival. One can say that Lohri became a festival of Bonfire, song, dance, and books!

We had expected a huge turnout as Friday was sort of holiday in Delhi. Besides, we had senses that many more outstation visitors would make it to the fair starting Friday, so that they manage to cover more during weekends as well. And our anticipation was correct as, as soon as the doors of Pragati Maidan opened for visitors at 11 am, crowd gathered outside started heading towards their favourite halls. Besides, there is also another exhibition called Nakshatra going on beside NDWBF 2017 in Pragati Maidan. Nakshatra is all about astrology. Both the fairs have their own followers yet, both enjoy corss-followers advantage as many visitors enjoy going to them. Last year we too had been to both the fairs and explored many things. This time around, however, we might not get time to go to Nakshatra as we are all about New Delhi World Book Fair 2017 for us!

Our day started with lots of students who were brought to the fair by their respective schools. We saw long queues of them while entering from gate 7 and enjoyed that sight. We were eager to welcome children to our stall and offer them chocolates and have discussions with them. The best thing was that we indeed feel thrilled and more energetic when our day starts with children.

Even before the flow of students started thinning out, we already were seeing business visitors coming to our stall in big numbers. Our visitors included co-participants, bureaucrats, social workers, professionals from the corporate world, translators, enthusiasts and others. We also started distributing our leaflets outside our hall by hiring a man. His efforts started paying off soon as few visitors came to our stall after collecting a leaflet from him. One of us also paid visit to other halls and met participants there and exchanged visiting cards with their holders. One of them was an entrepreneur from Ahmedabad. We had a very positive discussion about translation works. He assured us to refer to his clients who often ask for quality translation services. We too assured him best of results and timely delivery.

We also had planned to give an advertisement in Mela Varta, a Hindi daily exclusively published for the fair by the National Book Trust. NBT publishes one more such publication, Fair Daily in English. We gave ad in the Hindi edition and got great cooperation from NBT’s Pankaj Chaturvedi, its assistant editor. He not only guided us through the procedure but also guided us to the accounts office and helped making payment for the ad. As this ad will appear on Saturday, and as it will be the first day of weekend, we are expecting few genuine inquires generated through it.

The evening part of the day was also very happening. Visitors kept coming and appreciating our bouquet of services. We do know that we are a unique company where one could get end-to- end services for various media related works, but when others say something to that effect, one would feel elated for obvious reasons. At least four to five visitors also encouraged saying that we must endeavor to expand our horizons by reaching out to the industry as people do need a responsible and responsive player in the field of translation and trans-creation services.

The best thing was that visitors kept coming to us even past 7.30 in evening! We really felt humbled and determined to do everything we could to serve our existing as well as future clients. We know we are in a business which is serving literature and society in a great way. With a bright possibility of welcoming new clients in a near future, we are surely going to win hearts and accolades alike!

Time to welcome Saturday, the second last day of the New Delhi World Book Fair 2017!

Mangrol Multimedia is a participant in NDWBF 2017. We invite you to visit our stall to explore our services and samples.

Dates: 07 to 15 January 2017

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Hall: 12A

Stall: 160